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14275 SW 142 Avenue
Miami, FL 33186
Telephone: 305-378-0130
Toll Free: 1-800-273-4603


A History of Service

Miami Management has a history of excellence when it comes to serving their customers. They have not only met the needs of their clients, but have also created services that satisfy their clients’ preferences. Miami Management has established itself as a major competitor in the management industry. It has adapted to a technologically changing world by adopting and incorporating those technologies into its structure. Miami Management is a company of vision, however the greatest part of that vision has not changed since its conception, and that is its understanding that these services are there to help people. Therefore the heart of the company lies in its dedication to servicing individuals within a greater association. Miami Management, and all of its employees, adhere to a system of values and principles that seek the betterment of each and every client.

Dedicated Call Center

Our Customer Service team provides information in response to every client inquiry. This department is qualified to help resolve issues that may arise day to day. Our team will assist with any question regarding a client account, taking the time to help the client read and understand their account ledger. Clients may speak to a customer service representative by phone, or in person by visiting our office.

During office hours, our Customer Service department is staffed with fully trained operators that are ready to assist association members.

Miami Management also provides 24-hour emergency phone service seven days a week. This service acts as a system of additional support for our clients, as well as providing peace of mind. If owners call our office any time after working hours, they are redirected to the emergency line, where a trained representative will assist them with speedy and effective solution to their issue.

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