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What is the role of the Management Company?

The Management Company provides general administration and management to the Association. The Management Company engages and supervises all persons as needed to properly maintain and operate the Association.

What are some of the duties preformed by the Management Company?

Assist the Board of Directors and provide administrative support services to the Association to include notifying the Directors and members of Board Meetings, set up the Annual Meeting, assist in resolving individual owners' problems as they pertain to the Association, assist in the formulation of any newsletters or special notices, process any requests for architectural changes for review by the Architectural Control Committee, organize and maintain the files for the Association of all legal documents, homeowner and tenant rosters, correspondence, rules and regulations, site plans, blueprints, and specifications, which are received from the Board of Directors.

What is a community association?

The general name for any organization of property owners to oversee some common interest. In a condominium or planned unit development, the association has the responsibility of managing the common elements in the project. A homeowners association may be established in a subdivision to enforce deed covenants.

What is a developer Board of Directors?

During initial sales and construction phases, the board often includes builder or developer representatives. The board's fiduciary responsibility is to make decisions in the best interest of the community. This includes ensuring that the governing documents are upheld, the integrity of the common areas is maintained, and community issues are addressed on behalf of the association.

What is the role of the association Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is an oversight body composed of homeowner volunteers who are elected by the association homeowners. The Board of Director's role is to fulfill its fiduciary duties in the best interests of the community.

What is the maintenance fee used for?

The fees collected are used to administer, operate and maintain the common areas. Maintenance fees are paid monthly or quarterly, depending upon the association.

What are the different options a homeowner can pay their maintenance fees with Miami Management?

Owners can pay their maintenance fees with various options:

  • "E" Checks - An owner will be able to log onto www.miamimanagement.com and pay their maintenance fees electronically through their own checking account. The owner may pay up to the balance owed, assuming the account is not presently in collection.
  • Credit Cards - As with the "E" check option, the owner would sign onto our website and remit payment with Master Card, Visa or Discover cards.
  • ACH Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments - your checking or savings account can be debited the same day each month as an efficient and electronic payment alternative to paper check.
  • Mail a check to the MMI Payment Processing Center using the self addressed envelopes provided.
  • Drop your check off to the on-site management office.
  • On-Line Banking Service through your personal banking facility.

Can I use my non-U.S. credit card to make online payments?

Yes you can! All VISA, MasterCard, or Discover issued credit cards can be used to make online payments - American Express is not accepted.

Can I use my non-U.S. bank account to make online payments?

No you cannot! At this time the system can only process payments from US bank accounts.

How is my personal and financial information protected when it travels over the Internet?

The Homeowner Account Module uses Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) to protect Internet Communications through server authentication, encryption and data integrity. All information sent over SSL (names, credit card numbers, private user information, account numbers, etc.) is encrypted so that it cannot be read or tempered with during Internet communications.

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