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Violation Management Program

A combination of our social skills, along with a proven five-point program, allows us to operate efficiently and effectively among the community residents, visitors and vendors.

Five-Point Program:

  • Detailed property inspections
  • Determine violation type & severity
  • Send required notices
  • Apply necessary fine procedures
  • Enforce Association’s By-Laws

We use the latest software and systems to generate violation letters, monitor compliance periods, and to chronicle actual compliance for the Association’s record keeping.

We strive to enforce your Association’s By-Laws/Rules and Regulations, in order to ensure that each community maintains its unique aesthetic and continues to run optimally.

Transition Services

Miami Management is known for carrying out smooth, and time efficient turnovers of management for our Associations. We have accomplished this by coordinating a specialized team of individuals to perform the task of completing seamless transitions for all of our incoming properties. The transition team is equipped with a standard detailed checklist that they exercise vigorously in order to assure that all of the Association’s documents are successfully transferred, and then carefully archived under the care of our staff.

In keeping with Miami Management’s paperless policy, once an Association records are in our possession, their most pertinent documents are scanned and stored into our database system from the date of hire. The transition team then works closely with our company’s in-house I.T. and accounting departments to ensure that all of the accounting related information is recorded within our computer software system. Thereafter, the physical copies of the Association’s documents are stored in the main office warehouse. Because Miami Management understands that every Association has pending matters, and that many of these may be time sensitive, we see to it that the newly assigned property manager plays an active role throughout the transition process, as this allows for immediate familiarization.

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