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Homeowner Account

We have worked with a talented group of webmasters to design a well-structured and user-friendly website. Along with providing contact information and detailed description of our services, Miami Management also provides convenient real-time access to individual accounts, giving our clients the ability to make their payments online by e-check or credit card. The structure of our website allows our clients to meet all of their needs.

We have built relationships with different banking institutions and they have provided us with the necessary equipment for the instant digital processing of checks. This means that once your maintenance payments are delivered to our office, they are immediately posted and the funds are electronically withdrawn. This process is time-saving and effective, as it greatly assists the association in viewing and regulating their cash-flow, while granting our accounts receivable department the capability of operating seamlessly.

Secure Sockets Layer Protocol

The Homeowner Account Module uses Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) to protect Internet Communications through server authentication, encryption, and data integrity. All information sent over SSL (names, credit card numbers, private user information, account numbers, etc.) is encrypted so that it cannot be read or tampered with during internet communications.

The certificate currently in use is a strong 256-Bit SSL certificate issued by DigiCert-the strongest encryption level available. DigiCert provides SSL certificates to over 25,000 customers in more than 115 countries. Some of their customers include NASA, U.S. Department of State, Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Harvard University, and others.

Which Browser Would I Use?

Although there are no browser requirements (online services are compatible with all major browsers) we recommend using Firefox. Firefox is an Internet browser that is simply better. Winner of the 2012 Internet Browser Software Review, Firefox packs a suite of security features that makes it the preferred browser for online payment applications. Firefox is sophisticated, yet very simple to use. It is a browser that can be trusted whenever accessing financial information over the internet. To learn more about Firefox visit: http://www.mozilla.com.

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