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What We Do

Miami Management, Inc. is a fully licensed and insure, full-service management company that prides itself in being qualified and equipped to handle every aspect of property management. From Residential and Condominium management to the management of High-Rises and Commercial properties, Miami Management has assembled a team of experts for each area of concentration.

Our Residential management team is proficient in their knowledge of Homeowner’s Associations (H.O.A.), Property Owner’s Associations (P.O.A.), and Community Associations (C.A.).

Our Condominium Association and Commercial Property teams also provide advancement in their field. They are continuously on the edge of innovation when it comes to generating solutions and ideas for Condominium Associations. They stay up-to-date on the status of ever-changing laws, as well as the procedures and requirements of those governing documents.

We have also created a High-Rise Division, whose focus is specifically directed toward those properties. This branch of the company understands the time, energy, and intimacy demanded in order to manage a high-rise with the excellence and care our principles require.

Miami Management, Inc. provides full service management solutions. We offer a customized plan based on community needs. We staff fully trained and licensed Community Association Managers (L.C.A.M.) who oversee daily operations and ensure that all standard operating procedures and protocols are being followed. We offer well-structured and specialized departments that will ensure every aspect of a business is being met.

Miami Management, Inc. brings over 100 years of combined experience with more than 600 employees and over 330 communities. We are the only company in the industry to offer a 30-day risk-free cancellation policy. Our reputation is our guarantee.

Our services include:

  • Management reports
  • Vendor negotiation and supervision
  • Community inspection
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations through deputy-violation management
  • Transition specialist
  • Accounting
  • Budget planning
  • Complete monthly financial reports
  • Estoppels
  • Janitorial/Maintenance
  • Front Desk/Access Control
  • Landscaping
  • Pool/Fountain
  • Online services

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